Programs and tools used for this site

This site is is done using WordPress. Links in footer. An amazing product with many great plug-ins. And it’s free. Originally I was just used WordPress for blogging on this site, but in 2009 used WordPress as the basis for the entire site. Made easier by full support of “pages” which are handled like regular web site pages.

Photo processing and web gallery is now being done with Apple’s Aperture. Formerly I used iView MediaPro for the web gallery, but changed when I wanted to do more RAW photos and iView was purchased by Microsoft.

For photo galleries mainly used HTML galleries exported from Aperture (and legacy galleries from iView MediaPro). I’ve started using the WPG2 plugin to tie into Gallery to put up photo galleries (Update: haven’t been doing this). The plug-in supports random photos in the side bar. I’ve also installed the WordPress Flickr Photo Album plugin which links to Flickr which is handy on the road. Most if not all of the single photos inserted in the blog items were created that way (Update: not doing lately or is it even working). Although since 2009, I’ll start using Gallery to do the same.

Website is hosted by 1and1 which I started using in 2003 when they offered three years hosting for free. I signed on for a paying site when I needed more space for the 2006 trip and 1and1 had fixed the things I had problems with (that was mainly webmail, which hardly worked initially, but now is very good).

Plugins used are listed on Plugins page.


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