Respect your son’s desires

I don’t know Mark Reynold’s parents nor did I know Mark Reynolds. My condolences to his parents and friends. To lose someone young is difficult. But he died doing what he loved. He certainly didn’t expect to be killed by a mountain lion, but he must have know mountain biking alone had some known and unknown dangers. Accidents happen and so do acts of god. But Orange County or anyone else is not responsible for his death.

But suing Orange County will create more difficulties for people to do the kinds of things Mark Reynolds did, such as bike in a local park. By suing the county is likely to further restrict access or at a minimum use money to fight the case which could be better spend improving or expanding the park or any of the other needs Orange County has, but not going into lawyers hands or the bank account of his grieving parents. Nothing can bring Mark back. Would Mark have wanted his parents or anyone else to sue over his death?

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