Yesterday, the Fourth of July, I purchased a bike for the trip. I was reluctant to take my current mountain bike for two main reason—not wanting to set it up for touring (and back again when I get home) and fear of losing it somewhere on the trip. I’ve been watching Craig’s list for six months or so. My goal was to find a good, but old mountain bike. Old for price, but not so old that it would be hard to get parts for. I think I found it—a Trek 8000 vintage 1992. Seven-speed (which should be less fussy than current 9-speed), 1-⅛-in. steerer tube (can put a suspension fork later), and it looks and is reported by the owner to be lightly used. The previous (second?) owner had 23mm tires on it, so it was little used off road.

The fun thing about the bike is the paint job, and hence the bikes nick name (I don’t usually name my inantimate possesions). But the splatter paint job called for a name. Hence Jackson Pollock Bike (JPB). Pictures at 11 (Can I link photos in WordPress? There must be a way).

The bike is quick steering, but seems stable enough. I won’t know until I put fatter tires on in.

About 26 pounds with the 23mm tires.

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