We have arrived

We are in Conakry and I am typing on a French keyboard which is similar, but enough different to be confusing. I should probably use hunt and peck. We had a 16-hour layover in Casablanca. When to a large relatively new mosque on the seashore. Then to a hotel for a shower and nap. The flight took its toll, particularly on Louisa. A young women we met on the plane, here for a six week work stint gave us a ride to a hotel. We had not been able to make a reservation. The good was that we saved about two hours at 2 in the morning leaving the airport, the bad was that the hotel was twice what she thought it was going to cost andmore than we planned for. OK for adjusting to West Africa. Hotel is a sterile compound. We put the bikes together with lots of volunteer’s help. Good to be out on the street in the real world. We probably aren’t in the poorest neighborhood, but typical third world poor construction. However mqny of the women are dressed up in very colorful outfits. Shirt and top of matching pattern. Don’t know if it’s everyday or because it’s Sunday. All our baggage made it here checked straight from LA. Remarkable because on our last trip to NY, my bag was lost in both directions. Even got a full meal on our 11pm Royal Air Maroc flight. Hot and humid, but not quite as bad as I expected. More later–the keyboard is definitely breaking my train of thought. That and 8 hr time shift.

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