Kindia-Friday, November 10

We took the bush taxi approx. 100km (60 miles) from Conakry to Kindia. Kindia is inland and maybe 1000 ft. elevation. The ride was fine except being squeezed four across in a Renault 21–a compact. Upon arrival we put our bags on our bikes and rode about 4 km out of town to what was supposed to be the nicest hotel. The hotel is fine–quiet, nice rooms, electricity at nice for the AC. We napped and then took a short bike ride back away from the road. We found a village and people working in the field. Unfortunately while talking to about 20 people in the village square (where the well is. There is very little running water here), my GPS disappeared from my bike. There were many little kids around. We told the village major what happened and he said he would look. To make a long story short we later enlisted (they volunteered) some French tourists who enlisted their local connections to make a visit to the village and offer a reward. The fear is that the little kids have destroyed it trying to get the phone/radio/game boy working. We will find out this evening. Yesterday we took a 20 mile round trip bike ride to some a nice waterfall. We were the only tourists.

 (Monday. Apparently part of this got cut off and was not posted. I’ll try again now.)

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