Au Revoir la belle pays Guinea !

Last night Greg and I ate dinner at sunset on the only public beach in Conakry. I had fresh fish with delicious pesto like sauce and fried spicy bananas with a condiment of chilipaste that will take your head off. Kids and adults frolicked in the waves while soccer teams played in the sand as far down the beach as we could see. Evenings are warm and balmy after the scorching heat of the day that just about makes you want to pass out. Thank god for air conditioning and fans.

However our ac room is not mosquito proof and we had to put up the mosquito net anyway. In search of petit dejeuner ( breakfast) we headed for the local market as Greg described. On the way we crossed a soccer field loaded with players and other teams waiting their turn to play. We passed a small road side stand with enticing looking edibles. The lady proprietor welcomed us — Bienevenue! We bought two of what turned out to be something like our donuts but less sweet. The lady actually spoke english which is uncommon for an adult. Her name is Black Diamond. She has a little beauty shop in her establishment which is more little a jerry rigged lean-to cobbled together on the road side. Hair here is an art form of incredible beauty and creativity. I am tempted to get Black Diamond to braid my hair. I will also add how beautiful and elegant the women are here. Their dress and demeanor is almost regal. There is a sense of propriety combined with exterior reserve.

There is so much to say about Guinea! How kind people are and hospitable. I am sad to say that due to my eye condition we will have to return to the USA perhaps tonight. More later.


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