Local market and photo taking.

We’ve been in a neighborhood named Taouyah for about seven days. Taouyah is supposed to be a nicer neighborhood, but it’s like other third world neighborhood with crummy places and nicer places all mixed together. But there are larger homes/compounds around and quite a few cars. We were curious as to where people bought food. Small corner stores with limited selection and some street stalls, but not enough selection or quantity. We knew there was a large market in Conakry, but it seemed too far away. This morning while trying to round up some fruit we stepped into the alleys behind some stores on a market corner, and found outselves in tight alleys with a mix of small stalls, but still not enough food. Then we could hear the chatter and din and found ourselves in a maybe 60 by 100 foot open area with long rows of tables very close together. Lots of produce and other commodities; and teaming with women shopping. Not like other markets we’ve seen anywhere.

Unfortunately we won’t be showing photographs as they don’t you taking them. I went off near the entrance and tried to take a photo and a women about thirty feet away at one of the tables saw me and waved no photos. And I as walked down between the tables in the opposite direction, another vendor told me something to effect (in French) that I wasn’t respecting her by taking photographs. (The no photos is not anywhere near absolute. We saw what looked like a scout parade getting organized and they said we could take photographs. The parade turned out to be a procession into the nearby Christian church.

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