Another day in Conakry

Last night we got up at 1am to take a taxi to the aeroport in the hope of getting on the 3pm Royal Air Maroc flight to Casablanca. We knew it would be a long shot to get seats, but it is our best connection to leaving. Seats were available, but they couldn’t sell any tickets; they didn’t have the computers. So back to the hotel for a few more hours sleep. Then downtown to try to get on the Air Senegal flight to Dakar which would have more air connections.

We bought the tickets to Dakar and it appears (not confirmed) we will then be able to get on Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flights to NYC. The unconfirmed reservations are:

Conakry-Dakar 2155-2310, Nov 20, Air Senegal V7
Dakar-Casablanca 0340-0655 Nov 21 RAM AT500

Casablanca-JFK 1220-1540, Nov 21, RAM AT200

JFK-LAX 1759-2127, Nov 21, Delta 1874.

We will see many of you soon. Sooner than we wished, but necessary.

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