The saga ends—a serious problem resolved

The trip home was necessary. Louisa had a torn retina which was laser repaired this afternoon. She’s lucky it didn’t detach in the ten days since it tore, because an untreated tear leads to a detached retina which results in blindness.

Sadly the photos of her eyes she was given in Conakry are not her eyes. The doctor in Conakry should have known that for at least two reasons: 1) the photos are of eyes that were a patient who has had a dye injected and he didn’t inject Louisa, 2) the lesion in the photo is in the right eye; the problem was with the left eye. He neglected to perform other necessary diagoses.

Fortunately Louisa’s eye doctor in the US gave good information by email to convince us of the necessity of getting good eye care. We considered going to Paris, but figured that we would lose time finding our way around the French medical system, so headed straight home. We didn’t know how lucky we were to get a flight booking; we had completely forgot about it being Thanksgiving week—we realized it when we heard someone on our flight from JFK mention Thanksgiving.

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