Site name change to

The domain name is changing from KeepTheRubberSideDown to The former, athough fun and descriptive, was too long for emails. The prefix ws is supposed to conjure web-site or World Site, but is really Western Samoa.

The changeover as far as the blog is concerned will be mostly transparent and either URL will get you here for now, although a few things like embedded Google Maps won’t work if the KeepTheRubberSideDown is in the URL. Eventually the KeepTheRubberSideDown will cease to work. Whenever I think the transition is complete and I don’t want to pay the $9 or whatever is per year to keep the extra domain name. But the main driver will be to simplify it.

I’ll also be dropping my old linkLINE email on a similar schedule.

For you non mountain bikers, knobby refers to mountain bike tires which have “knobs” on them for traction.

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