Nous sommes arriver

We arrived safe and sound if a bit tired. And our bikes and luggage arrived too. Haven’t taken the bikes out of the bages yet. We’ll leave for Kindia early and we’ll unpack there. We got a phone card and the number should be good until |Nov. 17 and possibly longer. +224 64 87 16 79. I think the card expires then and we can’t get the same service in Senegal or Mali. We don’t have voice mail or if we do I don’t know how to work it yet.

We expected the worse at the Conakry airport. But everything went smoothly. |Last year we were sheparded through by a Peace Corp worker and her local assistant . But the airport was quieter and they didn’t hassle us about our bikes nor our luggage. One cursory bag peak. We didn’t have a reservation and arriving at 3 in the morning, we weren’t too excited about that. We asked to go to a place that was often supposed to be full. The night watchman let us in, rousted the manager and five minutes later we had a room.

Changing money was equally uneventful. Of course we knew the routine and what the money looked like and how it was going to be packaged. 1200 US equals a stack about 5 inches tall.

The only disappointment was dinner tonight. We wanted a sit down restaurant (as opposed to street food without tables or chairs). Ended up at a place trying to be western, but for the presumably well off of Conakry. Food was not very good. Particularly after a meal with our friend Ibrahima who we met last year. He helped us out of getting hassled by a small time thug in the bus station when Louisa attempted to shoot a video. He’s an accounting student. He’s the eldest son and his family is helping him with school. It’s a free public school, but he has living expenses here. He’ll graduate mid next year, but doesn’t really expect to get a job. His father is a small time vendor in a small town.

And it’s not as hot as last year. Probably high eighties today. Rained last night just before we arrived which was unexpected.

Signing off for now.

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