Kedougou, Senegal

Back to a city with an Internet connection, albeit slow from here and a very sticky keyboard. We left Labe, Guinea about a week ago and this is the first place with 24 hr per day mains electricity (one other had power after 6:30 pm). We’ll be here a couple of days changing money, answering mail and eating a more balanced diet. Last night was the first with a reasonable portion of meat, but still few vegetables. Most meals are maafe and rice. Maafe typically consists peanut sauce with one imagines  few tablespoons of mashed leaves over rice. Some of it quite good. Very little to no fruit available. Sometimes bananas. But they are available here.

Thanks to all who wrote; unfortunately from this cafe I can’t seem to respond to emails. I guess the emails announcement worked this time.

We plan to leave from here Monday and try to make it to Mali that day. Unfortunately we’re going to miss a big festival we wanted to attend. It starts today in Mali; apparently early this year. The cattle crossing festival is scheduled based on the water flows in the Niger River and they must be a bit low this year. 

 No phone service here, we’ll probably get a service in Mali.

We’ll try to post details of some of our recent adventures.

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