Bamako, Mali

Finally back to a place with 24-hour power, hot showers, comfortable beds. Bamako is the most properous city we’ve been to on this trip (not counting layover in Casablanca. First thing we noticed were many private cars, not just fancy ones of super rich and NGOs, but compact cars for “middle” class people. Also more descretionary items for sale. Not to say there isn’t rampant poverty, just better than anything in Guinea and eastern Senegal. Presumably western Senegal is better off than here.

We’d had some further travels adventures, seen some beautiful sites, and been generously hosted. Details to come.

We have a phone in Mali: (223) 400-1598. You can leave a voice message–we can retrieve them.

We’re first trying to work out with our friends Bill and Lisette¬†¬†join travel plans. They aren’t here as long. Outline is to hire a car and driver. And although we generally avoid that; travel here is tough enough that we are quite willing to entertain the idea.

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