Farewell West Africa

We’ve enjoyed our stay, but we’re ready to return home to friends, skiing, mountain biking, cleaner streets and air, and things that just work.

We’ll probably be adding and updating to the blog. And we’ll have photographs and videos to post and show. For our new friends in West Africa we’ll be getting photographs printed and mailed.

A bientot!

One thought on “Farewell West Africa”

  1. Tom and Iris

    Hi. Hope all is well. We’re still waiting for Royal Air Maroc to ship our bikes. Fortunately we’ve have others to ride. They’ve been stuck in NY for nearly two weeks so we’re told.

    I tried to email you some photos, but the email address I have didn’t work (.home) And since I can’t read German I don’t know if you have it posted on your site. Email me and I’ll send along some photos.


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