First Patagonia Photos

Taking too long to edit our photos. So I started with a smaller chunk. Parque Nacional Las Glaciares in Argentina. This region has more glaciers and snow pack than any where else in the world except Antarctica.  49 degrees south meaning even in the summer it’s not hot. Patagonia is windy much of the time and rainy much of the time. But we were lucky and had almost no rain while in the mountains and not too much wind.

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Torres del Paine

The mountains of Torres del Paine are maybe the most amazing we have ever seen. And our first time to see a glacier ending in the water. The face of the glacier is maybe 80 ft. high. And it amazing to be walking along in an alpine forest and seeing snow capped mountains above you and only being at 500 ft. elevation, but the peaks are 9000 ft in elevation. The peaks are of various shapes and colors.

First refugio was very nice. Bunk beds with sheets, blankets, soap and fluffy towels. Breakfast included scrambled eggs. Second refugio more rustic and not as clean. Nice sleeping bags-no soap or towels. Both had large dinners to match ten hours of hiking-meat, potatoes, soup, bread, “Tang”. Desert. Hot and filling. Many people on trail. The route is part of both the circuit and the W. And can be done as a day hike from Paine Grande-both people spending the night there and day trippersfrom Puerto Natales. A short catamaran ride connects the road to Ref. Paine Grande. Thursday windy but made for photographical clouds. Friday less windy but mostly cloudy and a little drizzle.

Our second Refugio was good too. More what we expected-sleeping bags, no towels, thinner walls. But nice warm common area, interesting guests, pleasant young staff, hearty simple food. Barely adequate hot shower.

More photos of Torres del Paine.


Today we visited Magdalena Island, home for several months to 150,000 penguins. That is a lot of penguins. They are smaller than the emperor penguins. The weather in Patagonia is a rapidly changing mix of sun, rain and wind. Rains almost every day. But the scenery is great. Here in the very south mostly the vegetation, although on Navarino Island some spires. More photos of penguins and Punta Arenas.