Guide update—Conakry

The US Embassy has moved out of town to near Kibe.

We stayed in the Taouyah-Ratoma area. Many small restaurants and all the ones we tried were good. Many have no menus, just the one or two choices offered for the day.

Hotel Pension Ghussein looked good and the owner was charming as mentioned and she alos spoke English. But it was always booked, so we didn’t get to stay.

Hotel Riviera was nice, but $80 per night for two. Lebanese food which was good, but that’s not why you come to Guinea.

Hotel Cesar is closed. We couldn’t find the Auberge Irena, not Guesthouse Deborah; although we didn’t ask so they might be hidden somewhere.

Maison Blanche was cheap and clean, but noisy one of three nights when the near-by nightclub was amped up between 1 am to 5 am.

Mariador Park was about 284,000GF for two.

The Taouyah market was lively and interesting.

Cyber Ratoma was good and about 7000GF per hour. Good support and generally felt like you had your own modem. And it’s air conditioned.

The shared taxis can be hard to get at times. When there’s a shortage, the locals find out quickly where it’s going and have piled in before you have a chance to even find out where it’s headed. To avoid a predicted (by someone else waiting) two hour delay tor return from downtown, we went to hotel and got a private taxi. 50,000GF but in the heat and getting late, it was worth it for us.

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